Friday, January 20, 2012



it was a day when i fall in love with someone and i think it was the first and last love. i guess, i am the most stupid girl at that time. but, i realize, when it comes to love our eyes are fully blind. stupid love ends with regression. (: the most meaningful experience in my life was, when i stand up from the past !

memories were something that if we have chances we do not want to erase. it was something special. sometimes it give laugh, sometimes it gives tears. but sometimes it encourage us and sometimes it bring us to down.

for the one and only brought down my trust towards guy:
thank you so much for did that to me. now i know, every single things happen in this world was planning by HIM. and HE know the best. :)

for the one and only bring me back myself:
i love you for every single things u did to me. even, u are not like other guys who treat their soulmate with romantic things, i like that. even sometimes i critics yourselves, i do really love you.

we dont have to tied them. just loose your rope. they know what they are doing. trust them. (:

always treat your girls fairly !


p/s:ya Allah, tolong kembalikan saudara ku. berikan dia hidayah, supaya tenang hidupnya seperti dahulu. amin~